Reviews of my books

  • Stephany Shipp (July 2015) “Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience“, Science and Public Policy (academic journal)
  • Rob Imrie (May 2015) “Securing cities for human habitation and planetary well-being” (book review of Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience), Buidling Research and Information (academic journal)
  • Donald Watson (December 2014) “Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience“, (website dedicated to resilience, emergency management and homeland security)
  • Nigel Mensfort (Autumn 2010) “Competitive Enforcement”, BIAS (Australian practitioner journal)
  • TBR2009/200 (Winter 2009) “Building regulatory enforcement regimes”, Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht (Dutch academic law journal)
  • Gert Jan van Leeuwen (Winter 2009) “De voor- en nadelen van privatisering van het bouwtoezicht” (book review of Dutch popular version of PhD thesis), Bouwregels in de Praktijk (Dutch practitioner journal)
  • Heinrich Winter (May 2009) “Kundig bouwtoezicht” (book review of PhD thesis), Binnenlands Bestuur (Dutch policy journal)