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How can we achieve desired societal outcomes in areas such as city planning, healthcare and agriculture without the traditional force of law? What strategies are required for government and others to excel in regulatory governance? When is experimentation and collaboration between governments, businesses and civil society a requirement to boost governance performance?

I am Professor of Public Governance at the Victoria University of Wellington, School of Government and Honorary Professor at the Australian National University, School of Regulation and Global Governance. I work at the intersection of public governance and regulation, with specific interests in regulatory stewardship and dynamic governance regimes, and urban climate governance.

At the Victoria University of Wellington, I am the inaugural Chair in Regulatory Practice. I bring over 15 years of international governance research and regulatory practice experience to the role. I work closely with governments, businesses and civil society to improve regulatory practice and regulatory stewardship in Aotearoa/New Zealand and elsewhere.

My research aims to help find suitable local, national and international governance responses to some of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change, resource depletion, and growing inequalities across the world population.

I am particularly interested to understand how governments and others can uphold and strengthen their ‘social license to regulate’ and whether regulatory stewardship is a promising means to do so.


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