Tutoring Categories

Past tutoring & teaching

At Delft University of Technology I was involved in various tutoring activities (2009-2011):

PhD level

Under the name Drafts R Us I organized a biweekly series of discussion meetings. PhD students provided each other with a draft paper, article or book-chapter and peer-review each other's work. I set up the meetings aiming to teach the students to review other scholars' work. Through reviewing the work of others, the PhD students gained insight into their own work and writings.

Master/graduate level

I actively participated in MSc coursework as coordinator and tutor of the Policy and Law 2 course. This course was set up as a series of lectures and workshops. I further taught the Policy and Law 1, Process Management and the Network Management and Innovation courses. The latter two were intensive courses in which students collaborative wrote research essays (in small groups), and more traditional lecturing courses. The courses addressed topics such as regulation, policy, organizational forms, decision making strategies, and process management. Also, I supervised a number of MSc theses.

Bachelor/undergraduate level

I also actively participated in BSc coursework as tutor of the Law and Policy 1 course. This course was set up as a series of lectures and workshops, and addressed issues such as policy, democracy, and governance.