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Foundations of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (ACSPRI Methods Schools)

This course is designed for participants who have experience in qualitative or quantitative research and who are interested in applying qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) in their current or future studies. This is an introductory course, but participants are advised to make themselves familiar with the recommended literature before participating.

Foundations of Qualitative Comparative Analysis website.

Regulation and Governance course (Australian National University, College of Asia and the Pacific)

The course is designed to help students understand the nature of regulation and governance in complex social environments. It examines the work of leading regulatory scholars and considers how their theoretical insights could be applied in practical settings. Case studies are drawn from a broad range of regulatory arenas, including public health, commerce, crime, environmental and climate change, human rights and development. The course also considers the challenges of regulation and governance in a globalising world. Students receive the opportunity to examine and synthesise relevant issues of regulation and governance through a short presentation of a case study. They actively engage with concepts and applied debates through in class activities and a final essay.

Course website.

Current PhD supervision (Australian National Univeristy, RegNet; University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law)

I am currently involved in the following PhD research projects:

  • Supervisor to Ms Adriana Sanchez: "Policy Evaluation of More Sustainably Resilient Australian Cities", CRC for low-carbon living, University of New South Wales.
  • Supervisor to Mr Kuntal Goswami: "Australian State Governments’ contribution towards sustainable development: A case study", Charles Darwin University and Australian National University.
  • Supervisor to Ms Allinettes Adigue: "Impact of Network Structure on Service Delivery Outcomes of Privatized Urban Sewerage System in Metro Manila", Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University.
  • Supervisor to Ms Wu Yunmei: "Compliance Ethnography: Lessons from Chinese Restaurants", Netherlands China Law Centre, University of Amsterdam.
  • Supervisor to Mr Ryan Wong: "Adaptive governance of Sustainable Development Goals in China", Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University.
  • Supervisor to Mr Gary Lea: "Uncertainty and risk in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology", Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University.

  • I am interested in supervising PhD and MSc students in the area of governance for low-carbon and resilient city development and transformation, with a specific focus on comparative projects that include examples from the Asia Pacific region. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss supervision possibilities.

    Drafts R Us (Australian National Univeristy, RegNet)

    A bi-weekly series of discussion meetings. PhD students provide each other with a draft paper, article or book-chapter and peer-review each other's work.

    Writing retreat (Australian National Univeristy, RegNet)

    A four day intensive course during which we teach our PhD students the fine art of writing and publishing academic texts.