Voluntary Programs for Low-Carbon Building and City Transformations

Database of the voluntary programs studied

Over the course of the research project I have studied close to 60 voluntary programs for low-carbon building and city development and transformation. On these pages I give brief descriptions for most of the voluntary programs I have studied. I cluster the programs in

  • Certification and classification programs
  • Knowledge generation and sharing programs
  • Funding programs
  • During the research project I have interviewed over 200 experts involved in these voluntary programs. Please get in touch if you would like to have access to my data. Also, I am more than happy for you to take this database as a starting point for your own research. If you find it helpful for your reseach I would, however, appreciate an acknowledgement. Thanks.

    DISCLAIMER: Voluntary programs are intricate beasts. Often their names change, their websites are moved from this address to the next, they have different administrators tending after them over their lifetimes, and so on. They also have highly unpredictable life spans: From many decades to only a few months. The information I provide in this database is the “raw” data from my research as I have collected it from 2011-2014. Changes may have been made to the programs since—including program termination.