Voluntary Programs for Low-Carbon Building and City Transformations

How I apply QCA in this research project

Many publications resulting from this research project apply qualitative comparative analysis, or QCA. QCA has since the mid-1990s quickly evolved as an accepted research practice for this type of research project, and has been applied in hundreds of studies in the policy sciences in particular and the social sciences more generally (Rihoux & Ragin, 2009).

The data analysis method (as approach and technique) may however be unfamiliar to some. Therefore, I have written this appendix to give insight in how I apply QCA in (most of the) publication resulting from this project.

As you will find, in my application of QCA I built strongly on the documented good practices in the literature and the stepwise approaches for good QCA practice provided in the handbooks by the key developers of the method (Ragin, 2008; Rihoux & Ragin, 2009; Schneider & Wagemann, 2012). These handbooks are good further references for those unfamiliar with the foundations of the method (which I will not dwell on in the appendix).

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